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New City Regional Police system has 4 police office sites. They…

New City Regional Police system has 4 police office sites. They…

New City Regional Police system has 4 police office sites. They… New City Regional Police system has 4 police office sites.  They need your service to establish new IT network.  Police office sites must be connected to each other. The important files are going to be located in the main police HQ building and will be shared with all computers within system by using the file transfer applications.POLICE HQ MAIN BUILDING NEWYORK Employing 100 people (fulltime personnel).5 story buildingIn each floor  has LAN POLICE OFFICE SITES has 4 off-site Offices in the city     There are 20 people (personnel) in each site They need new datacenter for:Database for all Police vehicles and Database for criminalsEmail Servers, Web Servers Image transcription textNY POLICE OFFICE OFFICE 1 BUILDING HQ Office 5 OFFICE 2 S S Office 4 OFFICE 3 S S OFFICE 4 Office3 S R Office 2 S Office 1 S… Show moreMake sure that organization’s data and applications will be protected and will continue to operate even in the face of intrusion, disruption, destruction, or disaster.   QUESTION 1: Present the location of the new datacenter on the given Intranet Diagram. Update the diagram and show how and where you place new datacenter in the network diagram. Provide the new (updated) network diagram with new datacenter on it.Your name must be on the diagram. QUESTION 2:  Police department managers are worrying about a) Disclosure, b) Alteration/Modification and c) Destruction of the data kept in the databases. List the primary goals in providing security for all sections of the given Police IT system. So, Police department managers would not worry about the Disclosure, Alteration and Destruction of data. QUESTION 3: List the IT Assets of all Police department. You should consider the INTRANET of the police station (the HQ and 4 off-site Offices in the city). QUESTION 4: Prepare the Control Spreadsheet, which coversEnter the IT assets in all intranet (that you prepared in question 3)Cover Disruption, destruction and disaster casesCover possible Intrusion (both external and inertial)Use the given List of control measures to protect the IT systemComplete Control SpreadsheetYou should be using following control measures while answering question 4 Disaster recovery plan and education / trainingHalon fire system & sprinklersNot on or below ground levelUPS (uninterruptible power source)Virus checking software present and updatedStrong password policyExtensive user training about cybersecurity policy and practicesFirewalls for data communication  Computer Science Engineering & Technology Networking MSIT 505 Share QuestionEmailCopy linkComments (0)